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Welcome Travel Lover’s



I proud to be an Indian. India is a beautiful country and famous all over the world for its unique cultures & traditions. It famous for its historical heritages & monuments. India is home to some of the tallest & gallant mountain ranges in the world. These ranges come with some of the most attractive sceneries & ecosystem in the world.the historical places and mountains of India are prominent tourist attractions in the country


1.) Himalaya North Region –

          a) Jammu & Kashmir, b)  Himachal Pradesh, c) Uttarakhand.

2.) The Plains Region  –

           a) Bihar, b) Chandigarh, c) Delhi, d) Haryana,

           e) Madhya Pradesh, f) Punjab, g) Uttar Pradesh.

3.) Western India Region –

             a) Dadra and Nagar Haveli, b) Danman and Diu, c) Gujarat,

           d) Maharastra, e) Rajasthan.

4.) Southern India Region – 

             a) Andaman & Nicobar, b) Andhra Pradesh, c) Telangana,

             d) Karnataka, e) Kerala, f) Lakshadweep, g) Pondicherry,

              h) Tamil Nadu.

5.) Eastern India Region – 

             a) Chhattisgarh, b) Jharkhand, c) Odhisa, d) Sikkim,

             e) West Bengal.

6.) North- Eastern India Region– 

             a) Arunachal Pradesh, b) Assam, c) Manipur, d) Meghalaya,

             e) Mizoram, f) Nagaland, g) Tripura.

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