Geographical design of Arunachal Pradesh is also a major contributor to tourism. It gives tourists who come here to enjoy every aspect of nature. Being settled in the east of India, it is also called the state of the rising sun. Himalaya mountain ranges can be seen on the most part of the hill here. Also, this region is divided into five river basins. These river basins are – Siang,

, Kameng, Tirap, and Lohit. All these beautiful valleys are surrounded by lush green forests.

There are immense possibilities of tourism in Arunachal Pradesh, adjacent to the border of Bhutan, China and Myanmar and in the Himalayan lap. The multicultural culture of Arunachal attracts people. In Arunachal, on the one hand, the festivities of different tribal groups, they have a vibrant tradition of folk music, on the other side are lush high mountains, dense forests, and Balakhati roads passing through it, which make people enchanting. Sun is the first of all in Tawang in India and tourists also come to visit it.

Arunachal Pradesh is also called the Orchid Paradise of India. More than 500 species of orchids are found here, which is half of the orchid species found throughout India. Some of these rare and endangered species are orchids too. Orchid Richters and Development Station has been established by Arunachal Pradesh Government. Orchid centers are located in Itanagar, Sesa, Tipi, Darang, Rowing and Jingling under the State Richter’s Forest Institute, where the orchids of both the ornamental and hybrid species meet.

The best time to do trekking here is from October to May. River rafting trip is done on the Kameng, Subansiri, Dibang and Siang rivers. Also, angling festival is organized in the entire state.Indian citizens have to take an inline permit to go to Arunachal. On introducing himself, Arunachal House gets this easily. Visitors can also get it in Delhi, Kolkata, and Guwahati. The tranquil atmosphere of Arunachal is the biggest feature here.  To attract tourists, the Buddhist festival has been started in Tawang. Travel from Guwahati to Tawang is very fun.

In Guwahati, the Bharukpong can be reached at Arunachal’s gateway in five-six hours. From here the forest and hills begin. The road to Tanga runs along the banks of the Tanga River. The beach can be easily accessible to the beach, there is a good arrangement for a stay there. In addition to the market and hotels, there are tourist lodge and circuit house.

The next morning, there can be extended from there to Tawang. Afternoon, you can reach Tawang after passing through Sela Pass. Sela Pass is the highest mountain. On the way, the army’s hideouts are found in place. China border from Tuan is near the border.
In Arunachal, on the one hand, the festivities of different tribal groups, they have a vibrant tradition of folk music, on the other side are lush high mountains, dense forests, and Balakhati roads passing through it, which make people enchanting.
Nature has given this unique gift to the region. The state has a multicultural culture. There is no celebration of any tribe every month. Who would like the tourists? He said that for this purpose the Buddhist festival has been started in Tawang.

In the last phase, when the New Year festival of the people of Monpa and Sherduccan tribes who believe in Buddhism is done in the last phase, then the tribes of Nishi, Emergency etc are preparing to celebrate the Nyokum festival. In these festivals, social consciousness can also be felt with cultural traditions. The initiative to save your traditions and discomfort is also visible in these festivals.

Tribal society participates in festivals instead of becoming a spectator, therefore collectivity is left in tribal society. The people of the village have already started practicing their traditional folk dances. From their diverse cultural programs, there is a sense of companion towards nature. The most special thing is that there is no ostentation in their religious laws and customs.

In order to keep its cultural traditions alive, many groups are also trying to ensure that customs are amended according to the changing times, but belief remains. The openness of tribal society and women’s participation also attract tourists. In any celebration of tribal society, women have the same share as men.

Actually walking through Arunachal Pradesh is going through the culture, people, nature, and languages. Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary and Etah Fort located in the state capital Itanagar are the popular tourist spots. Tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh are Tawang, Along, Ziro, Bomdila, Pasighat etc.

Not only this, the wildlife sanctuary of Arunachal Pradesh makes tourism very rich. Of these, Namdapha National Park, Agglenst Wildlife Sanctuary, Dying Earing Wildlife Sanctuary etc. are important. The climate of Arunachal Pradesh varies depending on the height and environment. While the tundra climate is found in the upper part of the Himalayas, the climate of the central Himalayan region is temperate. Apart from this, the sub-Himalayan region is sub-tropical. During May to September, there is heavy rainfall in Arunachal Pradesh.

Arunachal Pradesh best travel destionations-

1) Tawang, 2) Ziro Valley, 3) Namdapha National Park, 4) Sela Pass, 5) Tezu, 6) Roing,

7) Bomdila,8) Dirang, 9) Pasighat, 10) Itanagar, 11) Along, 12) Nuranang Falls, 13) Bhalukpong,

14) Sangti, 15) Changlang, 16) Bumla Pass, 17) Mechuka, 18) Anini, 19) Daporijo, 20) Hayuliang Village,

21) Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, 22) Gorichen Peak, 23) Madhuri Lake, 24) Golden Pagoda,Namsai. 25) Aalo.

2)  ASSAM-

Assam state is known for its diverse culture and green forests. Assam is a state which is very close to nature in every sense. Those who like wildlife tourism, they must turn to Assam. It is linked to the northeastern states, from Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh in the north, Nagaland, and Manipur in the east and the boundaries of Mizoram in the south.Assam is the central state of India’s northeast region. It also plays the role of the entrance of seven other sister states. Famous wildlife sanctuaries of Assam include Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Dibru-Sakhova National Park, Nameri National Park, and Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.

Assam is known for its wildlife tourism. National Park and other sanctuaries, is the main tourist destination of Assam. It is home to all national parks, a variety of rare creatures and other species. Many types of adventure activities can also be made hereKaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary is a special offer for Assam tourism. It is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO; Here are many types of rare creatures and animals like Golden Langur, Bengal Floricon, Pyram Hog, White – Wing Wood Duck. Many types of birds like migratory birds, predators, water birds, and game words can also be seen here.
Apart from the Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, Manas National Park is also the main park, which has been built in the UNESCO ground due to its biodiversity. Manas is the country’s first tiger sanctuary project and it is also considered a home for other wild species. It is also known for its beauty and here all the vegetation is kept well. Pobitotora Wildlife Sanctuary, Orang National Park and Nameri National Park are also prominent in other National Parks of Assam.

Also, there are some ancient historical monuments here too. Most of the environment here is sub-tropical. Indian monsoons can be experienced in Assam and high forest density is also found here.

The best time to visit here is from October to April. Madanakadev Heritage is also like Khajuraho, which is situated only 30 kilometers away from Guwahati. Along with Madankamdev, there is also the ancient temple Gopeshwar Temple, which is located near village Deedur in Guwahati. After this Basudeb is 300 years old session of Assam.
Assam is also a culturally rich state. British officials also used a state to do business. Some attractive places of Assam include the Brahmaputra river and many temples. Which are also considered to be cultural and historically important?

If you love adventure, Assam is a place where you can never be bored. Assam tourism offers a variety of adventure activities like River Cruise, River Rafting, Angling, Mountaineering, Tracking, Mountain Biking, Parasailing, and Hang Gliding etc. There are also several types of golf courses located where you can test your skills and enjoy the royal sport.

The famous Gurudwara Dhubri village of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur is built on the north-eastern Ghats of the Brahmaputra river. The holy Sikh Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur, came to this place in 1505 and here he met Srimant Shankardev (founder of Mahapurujia religion) as a Guru.
In Guwahati, Assam’s capital, we find many wildlife sanctuaries and historic temples. The Center and the State Government are continuously trying to increase the tourism industry in Assam.

Assam best travel destinations –

1) Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, 2) Majuli- The largest river Island in the world, 3) Bihu, 4) Digboi,

5) Nameri National Park- River & Rafting, 6) Haflong-The Switzerland of the east, 7) Johrat,

8) Sualkuchi, 9) Peacock Island, 10) Dibrugarh, 11) Kamakhya Temple- Guwahati, 12) Dhubri,

13) Brahmaputra, 14) Mayong, 15) Hajo, 16) Agnigarh-Tezpur, 17) Khar & Bhut Jolokia,

18) A Glimpse of Assamese Culture in Sivasagar, 19) Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra- Guwahati.


In this northeastern state of India, the scenic mix of Shirui Lili, Sangai Deer, floating islands in Loktak Lake, greenery spread far and wide, moderate climate and tradition are found. Manipur is connected to the state, Nagaland in the north, Mizoram to the south, Assam to the west and to the border of Verma in the east.

Imphal is the capital of Manipur, surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife. Many people are surprised to hear that the polo game originated in Imphal. This place has many ancient relics, temples, and monuments. The battle of Imphal in World War II and the Battle of Kohima is mentioned in Imphal. This site connects tourists coming to Manipur. Shri Govind ji Temple, Kangla Palace, War Memorial, Women’s Market – Ima Keethel, Imphal Valley and two gardens make this place absolutely worth the tourism.

The most important aspect of Manipur tourism is Chandel, which is a district and a city, and it is also considered as the gateway to Myanmar. Various species of flora and fauna are found around Chandel and Tamengalang Morel in Chandel is meant to be the commercial center of Manipur. The orange festival in Tamanglong is known as a fruit festival between the local residents and the upcoming tourists, which is a great attraction for the visitors.

There are many small villages in the army that make this area special for tourism. Maram Khuleen, Makheel, and Yangkhulen Peak recorded in history, Mao Manipur is the gateway to the state. At the same time, there is the land of Tulu, the popular game of the state.

Loktak Lake is one of the biggest flowing lakes in the world and due to its floating islands, it is a tourist attraction in Bishnupur in Manipur. Fishermen reside temporarily on these islands. Sandra Island on Lake Loktak is a picnic spot where you must go for a walk. There is also Keibool Lamjiao National Park, where Sanggai deer is found and a lake also flows near this park.

The lake of Zamad Lake in Tamanglong is a very beautiful place and tourists interested in adventure activities are eager to come here. On the other hand, Bethohu lake in Thobel district of Manipur is also famous for its beauty surrounding it and a large number of people come here to take a walk.

Thoubal district of Manipur is an agricultural region where paddy yield is in great quantity, this crop makes it very beautiful to see this area. Theoble includes the echop lake, lake lassi, pumalen lake, and other lakes. On the other side, Kachaufung Lake situated in Ukhrul is a natural structure located near Khayang Waterfall. Nagalore and Jhaga dams are also tourist destinations in Churachandpur.

However, in Shirui Kushang Peak of Ukhrul, Shirui Lily is spread far and wide, which make the atmosphere very special and sweet during the summer. Chandel’s grassland is spread far and wide, which is uneven and elevated – in spite of this, due to the wild lily blossom here, the summer season is worth the tourism. That is why Manipur’s beauty always attracts tourists to come here and excursion, as no other place attracts them to see natural beauty.

Manipur best travel destinations-

1) Moirang, 2) Shaheed Minar, 3) Andro,

4) Kangla Fort, 5) Kakching, 6) Manipur Zoological Garden,

7) Khongjom, 8) Imphal Valley, 9) Lord Krishna Temple.


This state is famous for producing fruit and betel nut. Shillong is the capital of the state, which is the 23rd largest city in the country. Meghalaya is surrounded by Assam in the north and Bangladesh in the south. Nearly one-third of the state is a forest.

If seen, walking to Meghalaya is actually going through the middle of culture, nature, people, and language. Mizoram is also considered a very beautiful place due to the spellbinding natural scenes. Among the attractions of Mizoram are Murlen National Park and Dumpa Tiger Reserve chief. Apart from this, the lake and spinach, heart, tender heart, and Vanatting waterfall also attract a large number of people.

There are seven states in the northeast of India. It is also known as ‘Seven Sisters’ or ‘Seven Sisters’. Meghalaya is one of the seven sisters. There are many rivers, most of which rain. In the Garo hill region, Darring, Sanda, Bandra, Bhogai, Darang, Simasang, Nitya and Bhupi river are the main ones. Umkhari, Digaru, Umiyam, Khenchiang, Mauppa, Barapani, Mingot and Mentu river flows in the central and eastern parts of the plateau. In the southern Khasi Hills region, this river passes through very deep gorges and produces many waterfalls.

The tribes of Meghalaya celebrate many festivals with great fanfare. There is a deep connection to the life of dancers in the life of the specialty. This dance also happens at the village level. At the same time, a group of villages also participate in dances and many times the groups of groups of groups dance together. Local and regional flavors create diversity in dance, which is common in the Khasi Folk Culture.

In the celebrations of the festival, Baad Khana Shanong, Umsan Nongkharai, and Shad Behad are the chiefs of Shaad Kinjohn Khasakain of Shad Singing Thangap, of Pombang Nongkram of Shad Suk Minceem, of the festival. The festivals of Jaintia include Behidnakhham, Laho dance, and some religious acts. The main festivals of Garo include Bilasia, Vanagala, Ragchu Gala, Mi Amua, Mangona, Gargagdik Ba, Jamang Siya, Jaa Megapa, Sa Seven Ra Chaka, Azhar Ahoy, Door Rata Dance, Chambil Mesara, Doctorusua, Saram Cha, A Symanya Tata is included.

The climate of Meghalaya is upstream and moist. In this area, the temperature will rarely go above 28 dia. Located in the Khasi Hills, Cherrapunji is the world’s most rainy place. The best time to travel to Meghalaya is between March and July.

Meghalaya best travel destinations-

1) Shillong, 2) Cherrapunji , 3) Mawsynram, 4) Tura, 5) Jowai, 6) Nongpoh, 7) Williamnagar

8) Baghmara, 9) Double Decker Living Root Bridge, 10) Mawsmai Cave, 11) Nohkalilai Waterfalls,

12) Dawki, 13) Jaintia Hills, 14) Elephant Falls, 15) Mawlynnong, 16) Umaiam Lake,

17) Kyllang Rock, 18) Nohsngithiang Falls, 19) Balpakram National Park,20) Garo Hills.


One of the Seven Sisters in the North, Mizoram, Blue Mountains and Rolling Hills is a small beautiful state. The word Mizo means the hill and rum mean land. Earlier it was a union territory but later it was made a state in 1986.

Mizoram tourism offers many opportunities to enjoy the full nature of nature. Exotic flora and fauna, bamboo forests, flowing waterfalls, beautiful paddy fields attract all nature lovers. Chitimepui or Kaladan is the largest river flowing in the state.

It is believed that these people lived here almost 300 years ago. The official language of the people here is Mizo and the main religion is Christian. People here are very talented and vibrant and are interested in songs and music. Music is an important part of their culture. They play drums, which are called Khong and which are made of wood and animal fats.

Mizo celebrates many festivals in the year. Luchery, Mara, Lai etc. are some important sub-species. The festival that comes in spring is one of the main festivals of Mukhoram. Famous bamboo dance or Chero is done with great fanfare by local people.

A second traditional dance is done by Khual Lam Mizo to show the arrival of spring. During this festival, locals display their skilled handicrafts and handloom exhibitions. The three-day Anthurium festival, celebrated on the hill of Rike, is a great attraction for tourists. This festival is celebrated every September in the month of September and is a symbol of full bloom of Anthurium.

The lake of the largest lake, pala lake and tam heart or mustard plants is the two biggest tourist attractions of Mizoram. As a state capital, Aizawl is an important tourist destination. Lunglei is another important tourist destination. There are many ancient caves which give tourists an opportunity to explore the basic Mizoram.

Here are many Wildlife Sanctuaries, Dumpa Wildlife Sanctuary, Khonglung Wildlife Sanctuary etc. For the trackers, like Mizoram Paradise, Unicer Fongpui is one of the best places for mountain trekking. Para Gliding is a popular exciting game in this area. Here is a paragraph gliding school which organizes para-gliding activities and festivals in association with the tourism department of Mizoram.

Mizoram’s climate is light but there is heavy rainfall during monsoon. Summers in Mizoram are pleasant, while winters are cold. Although the average temperature ranges from 7 to 21 degrees. Due to being between winter, winters are not much harder.

Mizoram best travel destinations-

1) Phawngpui National Park, 2) Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, 3) Murlen National Park, 4) Vantawang Falls in Vantawang,

5) Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary, 6) Sibuta Lung, 7) Mizoram State Museum, 8) Reiek, 9) Durtlang Hills in Vantawang,

10) Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary, 11) Reiek Heritage Village, 12) Tomb Of Vanhimailian, 13) Lamsial Puk, 14) Phawngpui Peak,

15) Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary in Vantawang, 16) Mangkahia Lung in Vantawang, 17) Mizoram State Museum, 18) Mini Zoological Garden,

19) Phulpui Grave , 20) KV Paradise, 21) Tamdil Lake, 22) Aizawl, 23) Serchhip, 24) Lunglei, 25) Champhai, 26) Mamit, 27) Sahia,

28) Kolasib, 29) Dampa Tiger Reserve, 30) Hmuifang Tiang, 31) Reiek, 32) Vantawang Falls, 33) Falkawn Village, 34) Phawngpui Peak,

35) Phawngpui


Among the beautiful litigants, Nagaland is a small state in the northeast region of India. Wildlife here and rich vegetation and charming nature are enough to entice you, due to its natural beauty, Nagaland has also been called ‘Switzerland of the East’. Due to cultural heritage, Nagaland is no less than a paradise for tourists.

If you are thinking of traveling to Nagaland, then know that the land of Nagas is full of natural scenes. The greenery, the beautiful instruments, the lovely sunrise, and sunset make your journey memorable and you can go back to your house with beautiful memories. If you are interested in nature then what better place than Nagaland!

Nagaland is the most mountainous region. It is surrounded by Assam in the west, Manipur in the south and Arunachal Pradesh in the north. There are seven administrative zones in this beautiful state in which 16 major tribes reside. And what about the climate of this green state! This lovely land claims that the climate here is so good that you can visit Nagaland at any time of the year or season.

Most fish and meat are eaten in Nagaland. It is made and eaten by different tribes in different ways. Popular dishes of Nagas include boiled vegetables, meat dishes, and rice. Their meals are mostly smoked or fermented. The people of Nagaland are the jewels of this state. Rhythmic songs are part of their daily activity. It can be said that life for the Nagas is not less than a celebration. Some of the most popular and popular places in Nagaland are Kohima, Dimapur, Mon, Wokha, Fake, Perrin, etc.

Nagaland best travel destinations –

1) Dimapur, 2) Kohima, 3) Mokukchung, 4) Mon, 5) Wokha,

6) Dzukou Valley, 7) Tuophema Village, 8) Khonoma Green Village,

9) Benreu, 10) Meluri, 11) Kiphire, 12) Peren,13) Tuensang, 14) Longleng.


Increasing India’s rich cultural heritage, Tripura is one of the most beautiful states of India – Tripura. Due to its green valleys and hills, Tripura has made its special place in India’s main tourist destinations. Tripura is the third smallest state in India. Located in the north-east of India and Bangladesh, this state is like a point. This state is a mixture of the harmony of nineteen indigenous communities and non-tribal Bengali people. Apart from this Tripura tourism has an interesting history and this place boasts of abundant biodiversity.

According to the remarkable court chronicle ‘Rajmala’ of Tripura, the name of Tripura was ruled by Tripura several years ago, hence it has its name. The modern Tripura was first ruled by the ‘Tripuri dynasty’ and then the British rule. It was a monarchy during the British rule.

Tripura is one of the seven contiguous states of northern India, known as ‘Seven Sisters’. Tripura has predominantly hills, valleys, and plains. Here are five mountain ranges that are separated from each other by narrow valleys. In the far east, the Jampui mountain range, in the west, are Uokoti-Sakhantlang, Longthorai, Atharamura-Kalajari, and Baramura-Deotamura etc.

You can enjoy many festivals here, it depends on the time of year that you come here. In the month of October, the festival of Durgapujaja is considered, soon after Diwali, besides the festival of worship of the fourteen Gods, Karachi Puja, which is celebrated in the month of July. Tripura and many other festivals are celebrated such as Gariya Pooja, Kair Puja, Ashok Ashtami Fair, Buddha Purnima, Paush-Sankranti Mela, and Wah (Lamp) festival.

In addition to the festivals celebrated, Tripura tourism has been synonymous with a rich tradition in the form of dance, music, and handicrafts. Indigenous tribals of Tripura have their own traditional forms of music and dance. During Goriya Pooja, you can see the beauty and activity of Goriya dance, which is displayed by Tripuri and Jatmatya people. Similarly, seeing Hozagiri dance will also be a wonderful experience in which girls dance while making bald on the mudguts. Apart from this, Leibang dance, Mimita dance, Moska Sultani dance, Biju dance, Hik-Haq dance are other famous dance of Tripura.

Apart from this Tripura’s tribes, locally loved, also make many instruments such as Sarinda, Chongpeng, and Sumi. Apart from this, handicrafts, furniture, utensils, and decor items are also very popular with bamboo and cannons. Due to pollution-free air, pleasant weather and interesting many tourist sites, Tripura can be an ideal place for tourism. Tripura tourism is a perfect combination of religious places and beautiful places for the amusement of visitors. Tripura also has evergreen forests and many aquatic resources.

Tripura’s capital, Agartala also has many tourist sites. Many famous temples, such as Jagannath Temple, Umameshwar Temple, Benubban Bihar / Buddha Temple, with rich archaeological history can be seen here. Apart from this, you can also enjoy watching different beings at Agra’s Sephijala Zoo. Apart from this, there are many tourist attractions like Tripura, Dhali, Kailashahar, Unkoti, and Udaipur. Where there are temples like Tripura Sundari and Bhubaneswar in Udaipur, there are Chadha Devotar mandir and tea gardens in Kailashahar which affect all.

Ujjainanta Palace, Tripura State Museum, Sukanta Academy, Longtharai Temple, Manipuri Ras Leela, Unkoti, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Purano Rajbari, and Nazrul Granthaar are some other attractive places of Claude Lepard National Park and Rajbari National Park Tripura.

Tripura best travel destinations –

1) Agartala, 2) Kumarghat, 3) Deotamura,

4) Pilak, 5) Unakoti, 6) Udaipur,

7) Jampuri Hills, 8) Dumboor.

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